02 Oct 2011

9/24 Mothership Utah push/pump race 2011

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Details on the Mothership Utah Race on Saturday are as follows:This is a 10.5 mile race up and down the Provo Canyon Parkway TrailPrizes will include; 2 Drang decks, 1 Subsonic Skateboards Deck, 2 sets of wheels from Nersh, 2 sets of trucks from Gullwing Truck Co., Several sets of Bushings from Surf-Rodz, A couple shirts and of course stickers, as well as a bunch of other prizes from some local skateshops that have yet to be determined.

The $20 dollar entries will go to the winners, 4th place gets their entry back, 3rd gets double their entry back, 2nd and 1st get the rest of the purse. 1st place will likely receive at least $100…

The race is being held on the Provo Canyon trail, beginning at the parking lot east of the Subway, up the trail to Vivian Park and back down to the pavilions at the Diversion Dam.

Lets rendezvous at the parking lot @ 10 a.m. on Saturday the 24th, where the race will start.


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