16 Aug 2010

Afterwards – Warrior Run with Bustin Boards


We wake up in the Bronx, the trip is over and we can’t believe it. After 20-30 miles of skating for 22 and 1/2 days straight what now, what do we do? Me, Dahnny, Jon, and Nikki head to Bustin Boards to check out there shop. We get there to find Mike  D working the counter and even though he didn’t know we were coming, when we told him we just skated to New York from Oregon he made us feel right at home, we got a tour of the shop, got to see the screen printing process, and we hung out in the backyard and shared stories of our adventures.  Mike is planning a cross-country skate trip of his own so he was super down for the cause. If you read the blog you will know that during the trip we lost all of our extra bearing/wheels. Without us even asking Mike asked us if we needed anything and happily threw us some urethane. He then told us about a skate called The Warrior Run, it is a skate from The Bronx to Coney Island a total of 26miles straight through the city of NY.

Me, Marc, and Brian showed up at Bustin the next day for the Warrior Run. We started at a fast pace and I don’t think we knew what we were getting into, as soon as the first big hill popped up, the Bustin Crew flew up the hill. We then continued to skate, we skated some awesome bridges, through central park, and time square, dodging in and out of cars and people. I had never skated anything like it but it was a blast. After 22 miles we wanted to quit, we were dehydrated and our bodies couldn’t take it. We couldn’t keep up the Bustin crew but we pushed threw to the end where we reached Nathans Hot Dogs.  We did it and to us it was just as big of accomplishment as skating across the USA. I just hope next time we can keep up better! On the subway ride back from Coney Island Marc fell asleep and we all hung out while riding back to Brooklyn.

Next day me, Dahnny, and Jon started are long drive back to San Diego, but we made one last stop at Bustin Boards to say goodbye. We hung out in the backyard, they hooked us up with Decks and we were on our way. Thank you to the Bustin crew for showing much kindness and for the skate, keep rockin!

That night the team split up.. Me, Dahnny, and Jon headed back to California while Marc and Brian stayed in New York longer.  We made the trip back in 3 days, one of us was always driving and we never stopped to sleep. We made a few quick stops, we stopped in Texas to visit comedian and radio personality Zach Rose, we stopped in Roswell, NM to visit NMMI, and we stopped at the Carlsbad Caverns. Finally we made it home!

Few days later it  was ASR in San Diego, so I met up with Bustin Boards once again, I hung out at there hotel where we watched the evolutions DVD, skated around downtown, and skated a sweet parking garage for hours. Thanks Mike, Ryan, and Rob for the fun times.

Post will be updated with more pictures soon…


PS: I am in the process of editing our trips video, sorry for the delay, I’m a busy boy.

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  1. Hi
    Some contributions on their way to S.D.Y.S. from Marc’s supporters in amount of $265.
    Congratulations to the crew for completing a monumental trek!

  2. Any total on contributions? Several people have asked.


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