Episode One

Episode Two – Watch after episode one Vimeo -Episode One Quick Description of who we are, team of five people longboarded from Oregon to New York relay style to raise money for at-risk youth. This Video covers a couple days before the trip and through Day 1, sorry its a bit long, ill try to.. read more →

Afterwards – Warrior Run with Bustin Boards

We wake up in the Bronx, the trip is over and we can’t believe it. After 20-30 miles of skating for 22 and 1/2 days straight what now, what do we do? Me, Dahnny, Jon, and Nikki head to Bustin Boards to check out there shop. We get there to find Mike  D working the.. read more →

To the Finish Line.

After Little Mexico we were headed to New Jersey, roads were flat and narrow overall some good skating. We didn’t quite make it as far as planned due to getting lost and not finding a motel with vacancy. All campgrounds in sight were the same price as motels so we stayed at Quality Inn.  After.. read more →

Skate to Ohio, PA

We  left Marcs sisters house and started our skate to Ohio! We ended our day in Edgerton at the Hickory Acres Campground. It was quite lovely there and we were once again made fun of for using the website called google.com. This campground had a lake with paddle boats and a lovely little store. We.. read more →

Iowa, Indiana

Upon arriving at the Sioux City, Iowa campgrounds, we were sure we were ready to settle for the night. The campground was in a beautiful, wooded area, and the camping fees were cheap. After being outside for five minutes , we discovered there were no showers or electricity, and the humidity started to get to.. read more →

Through Nebraska

We left the Dubois and headed for Van Tassel with a population of around 10 people however we all knew in the back of our heads that there wouldn’t be a place to stay there. After Dubois the land turned into desert and became very humid. It started to rain so we headed to Torrington.. read more →

Day 5, 6 – Pizza for breakfast again… And we love it!

The skate was a hot uphill battle for most of the way, it started to flatten out and the weather cooled down. We started to pass beatiful fields as we got closer to Wyoming. We passed through town where Trevor at Pizza Hut really helped us out! We have had tons of pizza on this.. read more →

Day 3,4 – Cross into Idaho

Towards the end of Oregon things got kind of difficult as we were skating along the highway with temperatures over 100 degrees, the car started to overheat from using the air conditioner so we had to sit in the heat. We were then pulled over by a police officer for skating on the highway but when we.. read more →

Day 2

We woke up today in the beautiful small city of Sisters, OR we took our time packing up the camp site as none of us wanted to leave, The Depot Deli was kind enough to donate a breakfast and it was delicious! We then started to skate down the highway and it was great, perfect temperature either.. read more →

Day 1

We left Newport and skated Highway 20 today for over 100 miles, it was awesome! We all agree that at times it can get scary when the bike lane is narrow but most of the time it wasn’t to bad. Towards the begging a few of us had to use the restroom, number 2 and.. read more →