18 Jul 2010

Day 3,4 – Cross into Idaho






Towards the end of Oregon things got kind of difficult as we were skating along the highway with temperatures over 100 degrees, the car started to overheat from using the air conditioner so we had to sit in the heat. We were then pulled over by a police officer for skating on the highway but when we told him what we were doing he just gave us some advice on how to follow the skater and he was on his way. Seeing the Oregon trail was pretty cool and we now no what those travelers had to go through… kinda. As we crossed into Idaho the roads became flatter and smoother, the highway was wider with more lanes, more cars, and a wider shoulder. As the car followed us we got many friendly honks. We then made a stop at the first rest stop where a passing trucker came up to us asking all about our trip and he said he saw us in Oregon, he was super friendly and stolked on what we were doing. We decided to spoil ourselves on day 3 so we slept in a motel, I planned on getting some video editing done but by the time we were all unpacked we passed out.

As we made our way deeper into idaho the highway became narrower with less cars and more gravel however the wind was on our side pushing through the 90+ degree weather was surprisingly not so bad especially comparing to the day before. Passing through the more desolate parts of Idaho the people became less friendly yelling at us to get off the road… We were again pulled over, the police officer said someone called the police on us for hanging onto the car while skating (never happened). We explained to him we never did that and what were skating for and he said that was ok and left us be. We then made our way to Picabo with a population of 130+ people. We decided we would go a little further and we made it to Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve which seemed like it would be rad. When we got there it was filled with insects and was hot. The closest place which sold food and drinks was 20 miles away in a town called Arco.  We went into town and the Lost River Drive In was very nice and hooked us all up with free burgers and fries. We then headed back to camp and spend the nigh in tents where we made friends with the local chipmunks.

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  1. I see that you guys are getting a lot of attention. I hope that you are still motivated. Good luck and be safe.

  2. 100 degree tempurature?? gnarly! you guys should use those weird umbrella hat things, with like an AC built in. haha. the road in the pix looks pretty sick tho, nice n wide, decent grade. looks like somebody needs new shoes tho…

  3. R the shoes part of the budget?

  4. YO! I drove past you all in Idaho Falls, ID! you were chowin down on Pizza Hut haha! I saw the SUV but didnt know what ya’ll were about!Awesome deal you are doing, keep it up! 100 degrees huh? you musta got here when we have our yearly heat wave haha. usuallt it’s prime skate temp. here around 85! did you guys hit up the Idaho Falls skatepark? awesome to see your SUV and know what you’re doin! skate for life! from skater to skater, keep rippin it up out there, and you’re doin an awesome thing for the youth!

  5. Ari and boys,
    Well sounds like you are getting some of the exciting stuff you were hoping for. Sounds like you guys are getting good at finding free meals. I hope you find a hotel tonight. Call me and let me know where you end up. Milon called today and asked us if he could stay in Chili for 6 more months. I guess he doesn’t care about high school any more. I think you guys just like pushing my buttons on a regular basis. Hope you are having a blast.
    Love Mom, aka Kane

  6. So this is the first site I open when I get to work. I hope that you will hit better weather and keep up the good spirit.
    Be safe. Miry

  7. Hi all!
    Good to see your progress! Pushing through the heat is tough. glad the officers are being cool.
    Ari, can you add a contribution meter? Marc’s family is pledging 5 cents a mile that is SKATED by the team members. (You are keeping track of miles skated, right?)
    It might Encourage folks seeing you & looking you up online to contribute to the cause. =)

    Love to Mr. Cheeto-face from his family.

  8. Ari, You can make a movie about your skate boarding experiences, you just need to add girls and make it some sort of a love story between a skater and ….


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