21 Jul 2010

Day 5, 6 – Pizza for breakfast again… And we love it!





The skate was a hot uphill battle for most of the way, it started to flatten out and the weather cooled down. We started to pass beatiful fields as we got closer to Wyoming. We passed through town where Trevor at Pizza Hut really helped us out! We have had tons of pizza on this trip(eating pizza as we write this) but we are not tired of it. Our rear right blinker/hazards is out of order and the back right door seems to be coming off the hinges.

The next day we entered Wyoming it was insanely beautiful and green we loved to skate there. We passed Jackson and Yellowstone. When we got closer to Burris, WY we relized it was a very small place with absolutely no where to sleep, so we stopped in Duboise population under 1000. We got there and every motel/campground was full we were scared we had nowhere to sleep and 5 guys in a car is not comfortable. We stopped on the main street and we met some people outside of a resturaunt who saw our car. As we drove away not knowing what to do a woman followed us into a parking lot and heard we needed a place to eat/sleep. We said yes and we followed to her house where we met the Neale’s. We were overwhelmed by the kindness this family showed as they cooked us dinner, found us a place to stay, and sent us off with extra food. There kindness is something we all agreed we have never seen before in our lives it was very hard for us to leave such a friendly beuatiful place but we fianlly headed back on the road.

Stay rad Neale family,

6 Responses to Day 5, 6 – Pizza for breakfast again… And we love it!
  1. The view is so pretty and it seems that you meet very nice and generous people.

  2. hi guys, wow! what an amazing adventure so far. you’re all terrific young men, and your determination shines through. thank you Neale family to entrust five strangers into your home. that was very gracious of you. boys, please keep yourselves hydrated! lots of love and prayers sent your way every minute.

  3. Hey Guys, The photos are amazing! I wish I was there to hike in those mountains. I hope it is not too hot for you guys. How much are you all skating every day?

    I have told a lot of people about your trip so hopefully it is giving you more hits on your site. Be safe and hope all goes smoothly.
    Love and Kisses
    Mom, aka Kane

  4. Thank you Neale family! Hope the FLATLANDS of the MidWest continue to be kind to the crew =) Keep safe & have a great ride! Cindi AKA Marc’s mom

  5. I pledge $100.00 just for the spirit, guts and creativity.


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