14 Nov 2010

Episode Two – Watch after episode one

Vimeo -Episode One

Quick Description of who we are, team of five people longboarded from Oregon to New York relay style to raise money for at-risk youth.
This Video covers a couple days before the trip and through Day 1, sorry its a bit long, ill try to shorten the future episodes, I hope you all enjoy.

Film Editor: Ari Mannis – http://arimannis.com
Edited: Windows 7, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, Shot using Cannon HSF10

Soundtrack in order,
The Madd – I Know
Connan Mockasin – It’s Choade My Dear
Ministesr De la funk – Believe
Awkward I – Sea Life

Click here to watch Episode 2!

2 Responses to Episode One
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  2. […] Make Sure to Watch Episode One first! […]


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