Q. Did you skate on freeways?
A. While we tried to avoid them, yes we skated on freeways on got pulled over by the cops almost every day.

Q. What happened with the police?
A. They usually just wanted to know what the hell we were doing, when we told them it was a charity skate they let us be on our way. We got one ticket the between the two trips for peeing on the side of the highway in New Jersey. There was also one stretch of road where they told us we were not allowed to skate and they drive us a few miles ahead to where we were allowed.

Q. What about food and water?
A. Always keep your backpack or the car that is following you stalked with water and food. Every time we passed a gas station we would refuel. There were only a couple of times we ran out of water but luckily we were close to a gas station to refuel.

Q. Did you have one giant calf muscle at the end of the trip?
A. We all learned to push with both legs.