Filmer(s) wanted

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September 2nd a team of five is longboarding from Santa Cruz, CA to San Diego, CA to raise money and awareness for at-risk youth, we would like help from talented film makers to tell our story. The trip will last 10-14 days, shelter will be provided (be prepared to camp some nights).

This trip is non-profit, all money that goes into it is out of the skaters pockets, all donations raised goes straight to the charity. Therefor these are volunteer based positions. We are looking for cinematographers, and editors.

So what will you as a volunteer film maker get out of this?

  1. Pat yourself on the back, you are helping to raise awareness and money towards children that do not get the same privileges that you have received your entire lives, many of these kids do not have an education and do not know where they will sleep or eat every day.

  2. Add this film to your portfolio, our previous films have received thousands of views via the web, we are known in the longboard industry, and expect this years video to be even better; possibly entered into festivals.

  3. Volunteer hours, because we are closely tied with non-profit organizations, we can get you volunteer hours for your time. In the past these hours have been used for University assigned hours as well as court assigned hours.

So does this sound like something you want to get involved in?

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