26 Jul 2010

Upon arriving at the Sioux City, Iowa campgrounds, we were sure we were ready to settle for the night. The campground was in a beautiful, wooded area, and the camping fees were cheap. After being outside for five minutes , we discovered there were no showers or electricity, and the humidity started to get to us, so we decided to search for a new place. Although we all hate to be sissy city kids who needed showers and electricity, after skating 30 miles a day we all agreed for to treat ourselves to a hotel.

That night we skated through town and got great help from the local Applebees, Dominos, and Kinko’s. The next day we made our way farther into the state, where Walmart donated $25, so we got some food/drinks.

We passed many farms and it reminded Jon of the Movie “Field of Dreams,” which was where the baseball field from the movie is located. It started to rain and my (Ari) suitcase was tied to the top of the car where all my clothes got drenched. We decided to quit a little early for the day,  slowing us down even more. Even though breaking the record is important to us, safety and finishing the trip is most important, and if we can pick up the pace it is still possible to finish the trip in good time.

We woke up and started our day off as guests on CastleRockRadio.com radio in Denver. The show is awesome and we were so happy to be invited on the air. We skated all the way across Illinois and into Indiana where we are staying with Marc’s sister. It is very nice to stay at a house again, and I am not looking forward to waking up in the AM. Days are starting to blur together and it’s hard to catch up with the changing time zones. We are all tired and sleep deprived, but we are halfway through the country and having the times of our lives while helping out a good cause! I am happy that the trip is working out, and coming this far makes us feel very accomplished. Our slogan has become “We are skating across the USA, believe it!”

Stay tuned,


6 Responses to Iowa, Indiana
  1. Hey your trip sounds quite tiring. How are the bug bites these days? I remember being in some of those states and being eaten alive by bugs. Maybe Walmart will donate some bug spray! Sounds like you guys are making great time. Ari, did you ever get new shoes?

    I hope this trip has been everything you dreamed it would be and more. All is well in boring San Diego. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures.

    Love Mom, aka Kane

  2. you guys are awesome! i’d like to travel the same route one day. that’s great that jonboy got to see field of dreams. it’s a family favorite. “if you build it, they will come.” keep up the good work guys. be smart, be safe.

    btw, we call you “the fab five.”

    much much love…

  3. Brian lost his phone in Ohio. A girl named Anna found it… have him call her to pick it up

  4. Hi
    Happy day 13 guys, Hear you are in Akron OHIO! What a trek, from Oregon on the 14th, great work! Good job getting Brian’s phone back Marc (w/ help from dad Ed)
    PS Marc, last time you were in Jackson Hole you were 11.

  5. ari, i enjoy the blog and hearing about your adventures. when in new york, call misha at ***-***-**** i dont think she has a big enough place to stay but you can see her, get some food and visit bubbys sister. also i have friends in wash dc, indianapolis, if you need. email me as we will be in china love dad

  6. To readers: Marc said via text Ari has battery problems, so not posting.
    They are in Penn as of 7/30, stayed at nice campground with a pool. Everyone safe & sound.
    Skaters: push on to NYC, guys, we are rooting for you! Safe & happy trails to you. =)


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