01 Aug 2010

Skate to Ohio, PA


We  left Marcs sisters house and started our skate to Ohio! We ended our day in Edgerton at the Hickory Acres Campground. It was quite lovely there and we were once again made fun of for using the website called google.com. This campground had a lake with paddle boats and a lovely little store. We then skated to Akron Ohio where my girlfriend Heather was kind enough to get permission from her mother and grandmother to let us crash at her grandmas pad. Jon, Ari, and Dahnny got to catch a Indians, Yankees game. Heather’s grandma and mom was so lovely and enjoyed us there so much that we wish we could stay longer.

First night in Pennsylvania we stayed at another lovely campground that had a ping pong table. The owner challenged me to a game and I won and then proceded to beat Jon repeatedly. The owner was very nice and talked to us for a good hour sharing stories of his past as we shared ours. We got a late start and headed to our next city in in PE.

Next day while skating we happened to pass by Camp Woodward, this was completely unplanned and we didn’t even realize we were going to pass it but of course we had to stop and check it out. We got a tour of the camp, we got to see the giant skateboard, and hear all about the skaters that pass through.

We arrived at Little Mexico campground where they were so kind to us and helped us out with our supplies! This was a nice campground with a pool(largest above ground pool in the USA), game room, and a basketball court. Next morning we got a terribly late start and when we were finally all packed and going to get free Denny’s if we made it there before the manager was off, the car battery was dead. We got the car jumpstarted and headed to Denny’s. We made it to Denny’s in time where the manager filled are bellies with food and are cooler with ice. Re-energised we were off again.

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2 Responses to Skate to Ohio, PA
  1. sounds like you guys are having quite the amazing trip. i’m sooo jealous!! actually at this point i’m just jealous that you guys can even skateboard at all since now i can’t even walk due to my broken foot. lil tip for you guys (although i’m sure you’ve already been using this tip)… don’t drink n skate. i thought skating was better than getting a ride from someone drinking or bothering my parents that late at night, but apparently it was prolly the dumbest thing i could’ve done while that intoxicated. oh well, i guess i had to learn the hard way. i really don’t even care that i can’t walk, i just hate not being able to board! so don’t take your fully operational bones for granted, n good luck on the rest of your trip.

  2. Hey Ari and all you boys, sounds like things are going well for you all. Some free food and supplies and lots of nice people along the way!!! Life is good. How are the bug bites? It must have been great getting to see Heather and finally getting to meet her grandmother. How is she doing since she broke her hip?

    Well we are in China now and having a great time. Lots of touring and seeintg new things everyday. We really love it here and I can see coming back to see different parts of the country at a future date.

    Be safe and have fun. Do you have an idea of when you will be coming back to San Diego? Lots of Love
    Mom, aka Kane


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