23 Jul 2010


We left the Dubois and headed for Van Tassel with a population of around 10 people however we all knew in the back of our heads that there wouldn’t be a place to stay there. After Dubois the land turned into desert and became very humid. It started to rain so we headed to Torrington and treated ourselves to a motel with money we received from the extremely generous Neale family. We then all attempted to sleep for the night while itching at the insane amount of bug bites all over our body.

The next day our goal was to make it to Cody, Nebraska but it became even more hot and humid and we got very tired so we stopped in Valentine, Nebraska and set up camp at Wacky West. The town was very small but the people were very nice.

We then headed to Onie’ll Nebraska, there we got an oil change. We set up camp at Carney Park and it had free camping. The humidity started to get to me as I was unpacking the car while being eaten alive by pesky skeeters. We met three bikers our age that were biking across America and they were very nice. When the thunder and rain started we took the bikers up on there offer to stay under the awning with them. So we all hung out and shared life stories. Towards the end of the night some of us had a little to much aggression from being in a cramped car with five guys so Jon decided to punch the female biker in the face while Dahnny held her down and kicked her. We didn’t know what to do besides run so we left the camp site and left our extra skateboard bearings and wheels behind. Ok that whole punching and kicking thing never happened but we did forget our extra bearings and wheels somewhere. The next morning we got an early start towards Iowa, more on that in the next post.

Stay cool three bikers which I apologies for forgetting your names,

Stay tuned for more posting,

Ari and the SkateAcrossUSA.com gang

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More Pictures and Video coming your way soon.

4 Responses to Through Nebraska
  1. Hey Ari, maybe you can get a skate shop to donate a pair of shoes to your travels. How is the other shoe? You missed my birthday yesterday. I really missed having you there because we had a small dinner party with most of the people I love. But you and Milon were not there and I really missed you both.

    What State are you in now and what are your plans? When do you expect to arrive in New York? Enjoy every moment of this trip. Life is what is happening while you are planning your next moment. Don’t miss the moment!!

    Love Mom, aka Kane

    P.S. Say hi to Donny

  2. Ed - a.k.a.Marc's Dad July 24, 2010 at 12:45 pm Reply

    Marc, what a trip! Check into the Guinness World Record book. You are probably setting a record for the most farms passed by a skater group(ha ha). The ariel views of your route show tons of farms in circle patterns. Very beautiful from above, probably “if you’ve seen one you’ve seen em all” from the ground. Keep going, Dad

  3. MARC… WOOT WOOT!!! Glad to see you went for it!!! It must be beautiful out there. Hang in there,,, Your Cousin… Jason.

  4. Sara Krizanek (via CIndi) July 25, 2010 at 9:32 pm Reply

    Hi Marc & skaters, I spoke to Sara today, in Michigan, she said she saw something on TV about you. 😉 She sends her admiration for what you’re doing & all best wishes, just like we do.
    Stay strong, healthy & safe while you have fun!
    Sahtee misses you…
    Love Cindi, Aunt Sara, & Nana


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