07 Aug 2010

To the Finish Line.

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After Little Mexico we were headed to New Jersey, roads were flat and narrow overall some good skating. We didn’t quite make it as far as planned due to getting lost and not finding a motel with vacancy. All campgrounds in sight were the same price as motels so we stayed at Quality Inn.  After filling ourselves up with some complimentary Dominos we watched a movie and went to sleep.

Next day we stopped at a fireworks store where I bought smoke bombs and roman candles, then we made our way towards New York. As we got closer to the big city we had to do more city skating than ever before on the whole trip, people dodging became a new concern and we had to pay even more attention at all times. Our mile times became slower with the new obstacles.  The realization of finishing became real as we caught site of Bridges and tunnels going into NY. We pushed ourselves so that we could explore the city.

We did it, we were over the bridge skating in New York, dodging people and cars became a constant, we constantly had to jump off our boards to avoid a collision. That night we called our friend Nikki in the Bronx and stayed with her all of us were pumped to be finished we stayed up all night reliving the memories. Our cross country skate trip was over but our adventures were not.

Day Count from Oregon to NY: 22 Days XX amount hours.

Stay tuned to read about our stay in New York along with our stop at Bustin Boards, followups…


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