08 Sep 2012

Trip 2 Day 2: Cola on the road and tailwinds

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Day 2: Cola on the road and tailwinds

Waking up on day 2, our sore muscles and battered bodies alerted us that our journey was going to be more difficult than we had anticipated. We left our beach campsite without looking back, after a hasty breakfast of bananas and some pastry from the night before. Our departure from Marina took us inland to the city of Salinas. The decently paved roads helped us pass through fairly quickly. After Salinas, on route G17, the roads varied in quality, and some good patches were a welcome relief. Even more helpful was a decent tailwind that guided us in the proper direction. Our morale soared as we had some decent cruises with the wind at our back. In an especially heartening moment, a gentleman in a passing truck handed me an icy can of Coke. I quickly gulped half of it while skating and passed the remainder to Yusef. However, the day wasn’t over as we still had sand in our shoes and sorely needed showers. We came up upon the farm city of Soledad, and Yusef sang a tune “my momma met my dad in a town called Soledad.” We settled into our room quite nicely, thanks to the air-conditioning and showers. We feasted on trucker food: Carl’s Jr. and Round Table Pizza. We fell asleep easily thanks to the comfort of a room and having dined on the finest eats in town.

-Patrick Rubio


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