14 Sep 2012

Trip 2 Day 3: Hot farm roads, Dry camelbaks

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Day 3: Hot farm roads, Dry camelbaks

Upon waking up in Soledad, we gathered at Denny’s for a quick breakfast. A few people in the restaurant, including our waitress, were very interested in our journey and wished us well. We were beginning to notice two distinct camps of observers: a majority would be impressed and encouraging, while others were openly incredulous of our journey. Thankfully the Denny’s morning crowd had nothing but warm wishes for us. We departed Soledad on farm roads that stretched out west of the 101, while our destination for the evening, King City, was southeast. This road was frustratingly hot and gravelly. We didn’t anticipate being in such hot weather, as this was our first substantial thrust inland, away from the mild costal climate. Nearly every one of our camelbaks went dry, and we were shocked that we had drank about three liters in a few hours. At that point, we were desperate to reach a town to replenish our water. Even though we only covered 25 miles that day, we still felt exhausted as we rolled into King City. Subway presented itself as the most attractive lunch option, and we promptly devoured footlong sandwiches and refilled our camelbaks. That night we realized that long boarding all day long gives us an appreciation for the simple things in life, like food and sleep.


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