30 Jun 2008

Even though everything is figured out, I am working non-stop to receive more support. Today I sat in front of my neighborhood with my 8 year old little brother, running a lemonade stand! I raised just about $100. However, I hope to raise much more than this.

To try and raise awareness about the trip, we recently went on ABC news which was an exciting experience. Its amazing how much they film only to edit it out and cram all they can into a one minute and thirty second story. The footage aired on the news were parts I thought would be to ridiculous to show. Did anyone notice I was wearing a football helmet? I thought that was a funny touch.

I also have been contacting people, and/or, reading people’s blogs who have done similar trips. I have been learning a lot from them, but of course, nothing can fully prepare us for a trip like this.

That’s it for now,



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