13 Jul 2010

I have left San Diego picked up Marc, Brian, and Jon in LA then we picked up my friend Dahnny in SF. We then made the drive up to Arcata and finally got there and fell asleep at 4am. Luckily Marc new someone in the area so we luckily had a place to sleep. Thank you Wendy Baker for your hospitality and support it is much appreciated!!! We are now off to Oregon and will start skating tomorrow.

5 Responses to We have Started!
  1. I really thought Marc was joking about “skating across america to help needy kids” cuz automatically that just doesn’t sound like something serious, especially coming from Marc. But holy crap, you guys are actually doing it! I really wish I didn’t have a job and I could join you guys, if theres room next year, I’m down… Thats funny you guys got to arcata this morning, we were just there like 3 days ago. Well good luck n have fun on your epic ass trip..

    PS: Didn’t Brian just break his arm like a couple weeks ago? He’s just that gangster or what?

  2. Good Job Guys! We are sending positive thoughts & prayers for you all! We are very proud of you Jon! Skate Strong! Skate Proud!

  3. Hi Boys, don’t forget to keep our car clean and take of it. Don’t do stupid stuff and be safe. Ari, we miss you Ari.
    Love and Kisses

  4. We passed u on Hwy 20 today! My son is a skater…we will keep following your travels!

  5. Hi Guys:
    I am happy to hear that you are at a good start. Have fun but please be careful.


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