What We Have Done

Longboard Distance Journeys:

Both long distance longboard trips were to raise money and awareness towards at-risk youth charities chosen by SkateAcrossUSA.

SkateAcrossUSA was started by Ari to give back to the world and to the longboard community. Ari and his journeys have been featured on ScrapedPalms, Silverfishlongboarding, SkateSlate, Wheelbase, Transworld, True Skateboard Magazing, Boardinary Life, Bustin, Longboard Loft NYC, Loaded, CW, NBC, SkateFurther, Beach & Bay Press, and many more.

SkateAcrossUSA has been sponsored and supported by many of the most respected companies in the longboard industry, Muirskate, Subsonic, GFH, Seismic, Fireball, Bustin, Drang, ScrapedPalms, Dekline, Original, Rayne, Tekton, S-One, Jessup, Time Ship Racing, Buck Trucks, and more.

Skate Stats:

Longest distance per day with full pack and no support: 70 Miles (Long Beach, CA to San Diego, CA)

Longest distance per day relay style with support: 160 Miles

Tested prototype boards for: Drang, Original, Subsonic